Issey Miyake



Design is inexorably linked to culture, industry, and all human endeavors. It represents the power to transform today’s ideas into tomorrow’s realities.In February of 2004, THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION was certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.In February of 2011,the Cabinet Office additionally designated THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION as a “public interest foundation”.We view our job as cultivating a design culture that captures the amazingly fertile age in which we live; and using that as a backdrop against which to develop hopeful, vital creative projects. Critical to this mission are more in-depth and robust projects that will better serve the public, including the creation of more extensive archives, promoting international exchange, and cultivating the next generation of young designers.THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION’s goal is to start giving back to society by archiving of the extensive collection of work produced by Issey Miyake and his team, together with photographs, videos and printed material.